Bernhard Ebert


Professor at the Musikhochschule Hannover. Thanks to the brilliant successes of his pupils as laureates in international competions, he enjoys a worldwide reputation as a pedagogue. He was partner of famouses artists  in chamber music, and he is founder of an "Ensemble for contemporary Musik". Several works composed by international known composers (Koerppen, Kupkovic, Plate, Saigun, Hosokava) are dedicated to him.  He arranged special concert-series with rare pianomusic of the 19. and 20. Century; Alkan, Godowsky, Henry Cowell, La Monte Young etc.  At international  competitions like Busoni/Iataly, Liszt/Parma,  Meknes/Marokko and Bremen/Germany Bernhard Ebert is often member of the Jurys. He used to give  mastercourses in Darmstadt/Germany , Sion/Swisse (Festival Varga), and Folgwangschule/Essen.