Lazar Berman



Born in Leningrad in 1930 he already gave concerts at the age of four. His teacher Alexander Goldenweiser noticed and supported Lazar Berman's outstanding talent. Later, at the Moscow Conservatory his teachers Yudina, Neuhaus, Richter and Sofronitsky influenced and impressed him a lot. “Goldenweiser taught me to work with an original script. His authenticity was outstanding... Sofronitsky encountered me with the spirit of music”. His mother taught Berman the techniques. In his free time he paints and collects art. "When I look at a painting the colours are most interesting, because music is related to colours." Since 1990 Lazar Berman has lived in Italy. He teaches at the Music Conservatory in Imola and is especially interested in supporting young people. Lazar Berman is a guest lecturer at the music academy in Weimar.